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Detailed Ukrainian program in hours:

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Ukraine 🇺🇦

Timetable Activities

Day № 1

27.08.2019 (Ivano-Frankivsk)

AM travel day
arriving in Ivano-Frankivsk
PM welcome by local initiative

Day № 2

28.08.2019 (Ivano-Frankivsk)

AM getting to know each other
setting the agenda for the project
PM what does “accessibility” mean in practice
reflection groups / first tandem ride for participants

Day № 3

29.08.2019 (Ivano-Frankivsk)

AM a press conference
tandem rides for locals and guests
PM exploring the city along with “accessibility” criteria
public event (networking with locals)
reflection groups

Day № 4

30.08.2019 (Ivano-Frankivsk-Rohatyn) 🚴

AM cycling to Rohatyn
discovering historical sights
PM reflecting team experience
reflection groups

Day № 5

31.08.2019 (Rohatyn-Lviv) 🚴

AM meeting with local groups
 cycling to Lviv
PM welcome by cyclists at the city borders and media, cycling together to the center
reflection groups

Day № 6

01.09.2019 (Lviv)

AM reflecting inclusion experience
exploring the city; checking different museums of Lviv for accessibility
PM open library with local representatives
event for locals (concert and tandem ride)

Day № 7

02.09.2019 (Lviv)

AM yoga
public event at UCU about inclusion
PM free time / meeting with local government
reflection groups

Day № 8

03.09.2019 (Lviv-Mostyska) 🚴

AM meeting with local cyclists and press on Lviv Rynok Sq.
cycling to Mostyska
PM city excursion  in Mostyska
event with locals

Day № 9

04.09.2019 (Mostyska-Rzeszów) 🚴

AM cycling to the border

Poland 🇵🇱

PM arrival to Przemyśl – meeting in municipality ” Welcome to Poland”
presentation of our project, aims, meeting with local media
reflection groups

Day № 10

05.09.2019 (Rzeszów-Tarnów) 🚴

AM meeting with local NGO in Rzeszów
workshop about active participation of young people
PM cycling to Tarnów
reflection groups

Day № 11

06.09.2019 (Tarnów-Brzesko) 🚴

AM welcome to Tarnów – City of tolerance
visiting and checking different museums of Tarnów for accessibility
PM cycling to Brzesko
reflection groups

Day № 12

07.09.2019 (Brzesko-Krakow) 🚴

AM cycling to Krakow
free time in the city
PM meeting with local groups and NGO
reflection groups

Day № 13

08.09.2019 (Krakow)

AM visiting and checking different museums of Krakow for accessibility
PM workshop

Day № 14

09.09.2019 (Krakow)

AM visiting school for visually impaired students in Kraków
meeting with players of football team Wisła Kraków Blind Football
PM night walk around the city
reflection groups

Day № 15

10.09.2019 (Krakow-Slawkow) 🚴

AM public event in Krakow with participation local cycling club, invitation of local media
cycling to Slawkow
PM meeting in municipality of Sławkow and students from local schools

Day № 16

11.09.2019 (Slawkow-Katowice) 🚴

AM cycling to Katowice
PM meeting in local school in Katowice
visiting cultural center in which visually impaired people are working as animators

Day № 17

12.09.2019 (Katowice- Bad Muskau- Neiße-Malxetal)

AM cycling tour in Katowice

Germany 🇩🇪

PM visiting Muskauer Park
cycling to Jerischke
reflection groups

Day № 18

13.09.2019 (Neiße-Malxetal-Cottbus) 🚴

AM cycling to Cottbus
public event at Cottbus University
PM greetings by adfc, drumming group, individual talks, closing by Velomarathon group
reflection groups

Day № 19

14.09.2019 (Cottbus-Jessern) 🚴

AM cycling to Burg
canoeing in Bootshaus Rehnus
PM cycling to Jessern

Day № 20

15.09.2019 (Jessern-Hirschluch) 🚴

AM cycling to Storkow
PM presentation of Velomarathon at festival in Storkow
reflection groups

Day № 21

16.09.2019 (Hirschluch)

AM accessibility check of Hirschluch
PM evaluation of Accessibility Check Lists
reflection groups

Day № 22

17.09.2019 (Hirschluch-Berlin) 🚴

AM cycling to Berlin
 Bundestag excursion
PM walk around Berlin

Day № 23

18.09.2019 (Hirschluch)

AM evaluation
PM goodbye party

Day № 24

19.09.2019 (Hirschluch)

AM departure home